Friday Night Pizza on the Veranda

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Friday Night Pizza on the Veranda has been a huge hit for all our customers, friends and guests! What better way to wind down the week than bringing your own Pizza (whether home made, or from Mountain Man Dillard, Mama G's (Clayton), or Bella's (Clayton).   When order please let your choice know the following:

  • Mountain Man (706) 746-5646:  Let them know your pizza is for 12 Spies winery (uncooked)
  • Mama G's (706) 782-9565  Let them know to half back for 12 Spies vineyards
  • Bella's  (706) 960-9185  Let them know your pizza is for 12 Spies winery (uncooked)

The oven is ready to go at 6PM, so bring your pies, and we will take over from there! Select your wine in the Tasting Room, and find your favorite spot to watch the sun set and enjoy your wine while we cook your pizza for you (usually takes 6-7 minutes)! 

Our pizza oven is made for Italian /Sicilian thin crust pizzas as it cooks the pizza at 650-725 degrees! That means your pizza has a nice crisp crust with all the toppings cooked with a nice layer of melted cheese!   We have tried thick crusts, but given the thickness of the crust that is usually frozen, the outside cooks long before the inside of the dough is cooked through.