12 Spies Vineyards & Farm

The vineyard's name came from the Bible and tells the story of Moses sending 12 spies to investigate the Promised Land. While there, they discovered grapes so large that it took 2 men just to carry one cluster. They brought them back on a staff along with figs and other fruit to show off their bounty.

Successful in the corporate world, Mike chose to travel down a new path in life. With a little encouragement and support from friends and family he chose the road to the vineyard. His new love farming, was the only thing planned in the beginning. After planting and growing grapes for a few years, the decision to build a winery and tasting room was made. The gift shop and tasting room were opened July of 2012. The "Vino Veranda"  looking out to the spectacular western mountains and sunsets is availble. Grab a glass of your favorite 12 Spies wine, and enjoy the view!


Cheese trays are availble to purchase with advance request, so give a call (706-490-0890) and we'll prepare a tray and have waiting for you upon arrival!

We are open 7 days a week in July. (Hours Below)


Monday 12PM - 5PM

Tuesday 12PM - 5PM

Wednesday 12PM - 5PM

Thursday 1PM - 5PM

Friday 12PM -8 PM

Saturday 11AM- 6PM

Sunday 12:30PM - 5PM 

For partys of 6+ we will accomodate other hours and days by appointment! Call 706-490-0890







Grape vine